Waiting for a dental lab to create your oral appliance can take as long as a few weeks. At the office of Brent Wall, DDS, we’re avoiding the lab completely by utilizing an in-office occlusal guard machine. It can be used for more than occlusal guards, too, as we can often use it for denture appliances.

With our in-office occlusal guard machine in San Antonio, Texas, patients can get:

  • Next-day occlusal guards
  • Next-day denture repairs
  • Lab-quality oral appliances without the lab
  • More convenient and timely fabrication services

Each fabrication is customized to give our patients the perfect fit and comfort level. We make sure your appliance is durable and wear-resistant. And these services are not solely for existing patients or those who had their mouth guards or dentures made at our office. If there is ever an issue with your appliance, you can visit our dentist and team for next-day repairs!

To get more information about the benefits of our in-office occlusal guard machine, please give our office a call at (210)523-9696. Our helpful team will make sure to answer any questions you have and can assist you in scheduling a consultation, too. We look forward to hearing from you and giving you exceptional service and convenience.